Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh so busy!

Whew! Had a busy oh...I dunno, entire month there? hahaha. It went by like a blurr! Disneyland, birthday, school, work (oh my!).
Anywho, I'm here to show you this project to start off the Holiday Card Boot Camp class that I'm attending. I am so uber jazzed about this class! It's already so inspiring and so much fun.

Since I don't have the Picket Fence White Distress Stain that Kristina used, I did a bit of a reversed technique and used versamark to darken the piece of cardstock on the right. I think I'm getting more and more practiced with using glitter, but it is still incredibly messy. I think my socks are still leaving trails of sparkle around the house, lol!

I have a package from Simon Says Stamp with a few goodies that should be on it's way soon, and another order from PTI. I've been reading some of the forums lately that show quite a few disgruntled customers concerning poor customer service and time management (I have only learned snippets - I don't know the full story). I certainly love the designers and the products so much that I'll stick by some squeaky times.

Have a great start of the week peeps, see ya soon!



  1. This is gorgeous! Is there an acrylic snowflake behind the red one? That's a great detail.

  2. Thank you so much! =) I hope I get a chance to make another card tonight, we'll see, haha.

    @Julie: The clear snowflake behind there is actually a piece of acetate from PTI stamp packaging that I die cut. I was just fiddling around when I made it, happy accident I guess! :D