Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Secret Santa #2 - Stay Cool Candle


So I'm definitely a bit behind in the Secret Santa gift giving because I don't work during a portion of the week and the event started this monday--but that gives me time to get crafty and put a special touch on the goodies I plan to give my coworker! ;D

 The tricky thing about shopping for smelly stuff is that not everyone likes strong smells. So unless you know the recipient likes smelly stuff, it's a bit of a gamble. I lost the list of things that my coworker likes (go figure, haha). But I do know it said she likes chocolate and "oh, anything!". Hahahah. So I figure even if this Winter scented candle is too strong of a smell for her to burn, it'll still make a very cute accent for her desk at work. Plus, it jingles! What's not to love about goodies that jingle? =)

 I both tied and hot-glued the bow in place around the candle so that if she does decide to light it, the hot glue won't melt and allow the bow to fall off. That would be a whee bit embarrassing.

I'm off to go spend the rest of my day off with my love-muffin (aka boyfriend) and play video games. Happy crafting everyone! xoxo

Monday, December 3, 2012

Make it Monday #94 - Glitter Detail

Hello everyone! Hope that the holiday season is starting out wonderfully for everyone. Work has been increasingly hectic lately (I work thurs-sun as a home health nurse) which tends to drain me quite a bit. On the flip side, I'm participating as a Secret Santa for work, and the coworker I am secret santa-ing for is a amazing and very nice woman. So needless to say, I am super excited to put together some crafty goodies that she'll really get a kick out of (I plan to spoil her just a whee bit! ^_~).

Favor it Box #8 is the first of the favor it boxes I've purchased, and it is soooo much fun! It's a little bit cumbersome how much space on the paper the tail die cuts take up, so it's a necessity to start with a fresh sheet of paper for each die cut. But other than that, it came together so quickly and the end result is pretty exciting. :D

 I finally. . . FINALLY bought the Friendship Jar set from PTI, as well as the Holiday Fillers. This family of stamps has been making its way and and out of my shopping cart for months now, always deleted in favor of something from the new release. Now that I have it though, I am SO glad I bought it! The sentiments, the homespun feel of it all--le sigh--I adore it. So excited. I definitely plan on getting the rest of the serious. Mmmhmm.

The way that this project involves this MIM strategy is that the glittered lace die strip is more of an accent or detail, just as Erin had described in her video. For me, I usually have glitter take front and center stage ('cuz it's gorge!) But I placed the strip in a way that it adds that extra pop, but is a supporting detail. 

Have a great week everyone! Go grab some eggnog or hot cocoa and ring in the season! =)